Hampshire Police: Recording Accidents

Awhile ago I paid £29.50 for the last five years of collision records from Hampshire Constabulary as a result of being shocked by the amount of accidents I am seeing (south Hampshire) after moving here from Kent 5 years ago ( I am 52 years old). On looking at one particular accident that I witnessed (and photographed) I was surprised to see that Hampshire Constabulary had marked it down as SLIGHT. Surprised because it was a head on collision where one of the drivers was cut out of the vehicle

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Concerns: A47 Houghton – Uppingham

I have grave concerns about the stretch of A47 between Houghton on the Hill and the Uppingham roundabout. There have been many fatal accidents over recent years and there needs to be serious consideration of making the whole stretch 50 mph limit and installing average speed check cameras. I cannot believe they haven’t already done this, as every time I travel this road (very often & my partner travels this road at least six times a day in the week) there are rows of cars overtaking at more tha


Average speed cameras along the Houghton to Uppingham stretch of the A47. Maximum speed 50mph.


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